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Video: Obama Outsources His War on Arizona


Like so many Americans before him, Barack Obama has enlisted Mexican labor to do a job for him. In this case, the president is outsourcing his legal war against the state of Arizona’s immigration law.

First, Assistant Secretary of State Michael Posner – undoubtedly on his boss’ orders – called Arizona’s S.B. 1070 a human rights violation during a conversation with Chinese officials. Then Obama hauled Arizona before the UN Human Rights Council in his first-ever report to the human rights abusers on its board. After Governor Jan Brewer learned about it – from us – she asked the State Department to pull the reference, but Foggy Bottom refused. Last week, the UN’s Global Migration Group, chaired by the Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights, issued a new report blasting opponents of Open Borders and welfare for illegal aliens as “xenophobes and racists.” Now, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has allowed 11 foreign nations to join the Obama administration’s lawsuit against the law, United States of America v. State of Arizona. Mexico led the way, adding El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru. Mexico’s legal filing states, “Mexico seeks to ensure that its citizens present in the U.S. are accorded the human and civil rights granted under the U.S. Constitution.” Those rights include the right to remain silent, the right to a speedy trial, and right-of-way on the first southbound form of transportation. As a backup, the Mexican argument states Arizona’s law, which merely enforces existing federal law, “adversely impacts U.S.-Mexico bilateral relations, Mexican citizens and other people of Latin-American descent present in Arizona.”

Obama has hardly restricted his war to the international arena. He filed the lawsuit in question, winning a stay of certain provisions of the law from a judicial activist. However, he dismissed lawsuits against thousands of illegal immigrants awaiting their day in court. He stood by as members of his party called a boycott against the state. This summer, the Justice Department sued Sheriff Joe Arpaio yet again, as it had threatened to do, allegedly because he is not cooperating with Eric Holder’s vague, racially motivated witch hunt. Now, Obama is merging the foreign and domestic fronts of the war against Arizona.

Governor Brewer, who has been indefatigable in defending her state and its laws, weighed in yesterday. “I find it incredibly offensive that these foreign governments are using our court system to meddle in a domestic legal dispute and to oppose the rule of law,” she said. The Associated Press reports Arizona’s lawyers “told the appeals court that the opinions of foreign countries have no bearing on whether the law is constitutional.”

Constitutionality has precious little to do with their participation, this lawsuit, or any other aspect of Obama’s onslaught. Hispanics, especially new immigrants, overwhelmingly vote Democratic. Despite recent allegations Hispanics are “moving toward the Republicans,” polls show 65 percent of those surveyed plan to vote for the Democratic Congressional candidate in the midterm elections. Obama is supporting his base – and indulging his longstanding shame of his own country – by painting his enemies as extremists, international human rights abusers, or terrorists. Since the vast majority of Americans disagree with him, he has sought his support from outside the world, trying to lead a display of “international solidarity” against his own country. But at what cost? With American soldiers fighting all over the world, does the president really want to establish the precedent of foreign nations suing American citizens for human rights violations?

Yes, I’m afraid, the answer is that he does.

Our response should be the same as Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever: “I have about as much regard for the UN as I do the vermin.”


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