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The website, which broke the story of the quick release of prisoner Hagi Enea, is asking “Why are there no reports of foreign nationals other than Mexicans and South Americans being reported?” Walmart’s donation of men’s sizes 3x, 4x, and XXL underwear to DHS is further proof that children aren’t the only illegals crossing the border. Where are donations by Walmart for baby diapers and toddler training pants? Well, they can’t shop; but the adult males can put American dollars in cash registers, right?

Rescue beacon signs in Chinese are now up along the Southern border to provide information for assistance. One Chinese national told an agent that they can only have one child back home! It’s hard to understand why Texas governor Rick Perry can tell TV audiences something we already know–that this is a “humanitarian crisis,”—while he still refuses to activate the TX National Guard to stop this “monumental tragedy.” The fact that American citizens have taken to the CA and AZ streets is proof that we no longer look to Obama or to the states for defense of our nation’s borders.

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America is being destroyed by this horror, and the politicians of both parties permit it to continue.

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