He’s doing it again. Obama is making a desperate effort to blame the economy on everybody else — this time on the last president to pull the economy “out of the ditch” of the Democrats’ digging: Ronald Wilson Reagan.

An interviewer for WVEC-TV asked the president, “How have we become a country where so many members of the middle class go to bed at night wondering if they’re going to be able to keep their homes and put food on the table and send their kids to college? Do you take any person responsibility for your administration creating that condition?”

Obama responded, “We didn’t create the condition. We haven’t solved it fully yet because it was three decades in the making.” That timeline would take the fault back to the beginning of the Reagan administration. Unlike Obama’s debt-laden “stimuless,” Reagan’s support for the Kemp-Roth tax cuts led to seven years of peacetime economic expansion ended only after his successor broke his “No New Taxes” pledge.

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The man at whose desk the buck stops went on to blame the Obama economic bust on automation, businesses having “more leverage over workers,” rising health care costs, and fears of the imminent zombie apocalypse. OK, not that last one, but everything else.

Nothing is ever this man’s fault, at least in his mind.

As usual, this shows how out of touch Obama is with the American people. They’re tired of his excuses, and months ago decided Obama owns this economic disaster. WND.com reports today that more Americans blame Obama than George W. Bush for the Great Recession they must endure. A new Wenzel poll found Obama edged out Bush as the culprit in the public imagination by 22 percent to 19 percent.

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Mr. President, you are our elected leader. Quit whining, quit blame-shifting, quit belly-aching, and do the best thing you can do for our economy: resign.