Obama nominates Sex Offender Defending Judge


Stories like this can’t be made up.

When it comes to disgraceful attacks on our liberty by Barack Obama, it’s becoming hard to separate fact from fiction. This one defies explanation.

To fill an opening on the U.S. 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, Obama has nominated Robert Chatigny a man who defended vicious serial killer Michael Ross but later claimed he “forgot” having done so.

Ross was so clearly guilty that he confessed to the raping and murdering of eight women, none of whom were older than 25 years old. Ross so strongly reeked of guilt that in 1987 he was convicted in just 86 minutes and in only 4 hours the trial jury recommended his execution.

The murders Ross committed were a well know horror in the mid 1980s throughout New York and Connecticut where Chatigny lived. The story captured the attention of everyone in the Criminal Justice Community. In 1992 Chatigny was part of a legal team reviewing Ross’s case, and doubtlessly working to free him. He had to have read the shocking details of the eight rapes and murders Ross confessed to committing. Those confessions must be chilling. Nevertheless, Chatigny claims he “forgot” his letter exchange with Ross. That’s simply not credible.

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