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Obama No Evil Genius; Just Arrogant, Incompetent Putz


The last few weeks, I’ve written about the various failings of Barack Obama.

My friends at the Western Center for Journalism have posted my columns on both their site and their Facebook page, where they have attracted well over a thousand comments.

Now, I need to point out that I am NOT Facebook literate.  Until I started seeing thousands of “likes” on my columns, all I knew about Facebook was that its stock price tanked because of a combination of a poorly planned and supported IPO and serious questions about how the company will ever make much money.

I only know slightly more now, but I did read a bunch of those comments; and there seems to be a large group of people on Facebook who imbue Obama with the superpowers of an evil genius who seeks, single-handedly, to subvert everything the United States of America stands for. Kind of a President Joker.

You are giving this arrogant young putz way too much credit.

Last week, I posited that after four years, this clown still doesn’t have a clue how government really works. Allow me to put this in terms that I know you will understand:  He could not wear either Bill Clinton’s or George W. Bush’s jockstrap when it comes to governing or government.

Most of those comments agreed with me, but there was a large group who said that he DID understand how government works and that he was somehow using the government to subvert itself.

If that is true, whoever is running him picked the biggest clown act of the new century.

Nobody who wants to destroy our country from within, would pick a clown like Obama to do so. He’s hardly central casting for a Manchurian Candidate.

I truly believe that what you are seeing is what happens when you cross incompetence with a lack of preparedness.

He was, in 2008, in the right place at the right time.

An almost-black guy who could show how far this nation had come since George Wallace carried five states and 13.5% of the popular vote in 1968.

Whatever else we proved in 2008, we proved that any little boy or girl could grow up to be President.

The problem was that the Democratic lefties who accepted Obama to carry the torch left burning by Teddy Kennedy accepted a blank slate.  They were more concerned with his star power than what might happen if he actually won.

When he did win, his arrogance became his driving force.

In many respects, Obama is exactly like Harry Reid.  Reid, if you’ll remember, was everybody’s water boy.  He was rewarded with bigger and bigger jobs. One day, he got to be Senate Minority Leader, and that is exactly when he went out of control because he no longer needed support from Nevada.

Obama went from the Illinois State Senate to the real Senate to the Presidency in a much shorter time frame.  Sure, someone groomed him, but only because he was a blank slate who would be the right black guy at the right time.  And, frankly, he’s now just as out of control as Harry Reid.

In fact, they share many of the same traits, competence not being one of them.

If you ever needed to put a point on it, look at the way his administration handled the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens in Libya.

It’s a clown act.  Nobody can take anything these people have said seriously.  Even loyal Democrats are shaking their heads and rolling their eyes.

The first rule of subversion is that you don’t jam it down a Democratic Republic’s throat.  You take over a nation the way Hitler did Germany, using the fall of the Weimar Republic to gain followers.

You want an evil genius, read Mein Kampf.

You want an incompetent clown, read Dreams From My Father.

Fred Weinberg is the publisher of the Penny Press, an online publication based in Reno, Nevada (pennypressnv.com) and the Elko Independent, Nevada’s oldest newspaper (established June 15, 1868).  He also is the CEO of several companies that own or operate radio stations in Ely, Nevada, Elko, Nevada and Reno, Nevada. He has spent 47 years in journalism at every level from small town weekly newspapers to television networks.  He can be reached at pennypresslv@gmail.com.

Photo Credit: Barack Obama (Creative Commons)

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