Obama ‘mama’: 15 days from birth to Seattle class


By Jerome R. Corsi, Worldnetdaily

Barack Obama American flag SC

Stanley Ann Dunham, Barack Obama’s mother, was registered for college classes in Seattle only 15 days after reportedly delivering her first-born child in Honolulu, according to school records obtained by WND.

How Dunham was able to travel the 2,680 air miles from Honolulu to Seattle only a few days after the birth of her baby is not disclosed in the currently available public record concerning President Obama’s birth.

Nor is there anything on the public record to explain how Dunham managed to find an apartment and relocate with her infant son so she could begin taking university classes within 15 days of the baby’s birth.
There is also nothing on the public record to suggest Madelyn Dunham, Ann Dunham’s mother, or any other family member preceded or accompanied Dunham to Seattle in August 1961 to help the new mother and infant son find appropriate living arrangements and complete the university’s enrollment process prior to beginning classes.

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