Barack Obama is currently on a “listening tour” of the Midwest to bolster his uphill re-election campaign. When two average Americans dared to ask him about his administration’s harsh rhetoric against its opponents, Obama got testy before repeatedly putting his hands on a woman to try to stifle her.

At a Monday town hall meeting in Decorah, Iowa, Obama met two of the millions of Americans who disapprove of his performance as president. Tea Party activist Ryan Rhodes and an unnamed woman asked why Joe Biden was calling conservatives terrorists. The exchange clearly got the best of Obama:

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Obama is visibly tense throughout the exchange. Let’s look at that video again, more closely this time. Notice how Obama listens until the woman starts to speak — and then he decides to reach out and touch someone:

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Obama showed his thuggish tendencies in this video. The One is the most criticism-averse president in history; the Affirmative Action baby has gotten steadily promoted beyond his competence between orgies of adulation that he is “brilliant” and “articulate.” When anyone raises even the faintest criticism of his efforts, he gets bent out of shape. In this discussion, he could not take the mild questioning anymore and attempted to physically break this conservative woman’s line of thought, physically intimidate her, or at a minimum decided this little lady needed to be steadied because of her little feminine case of the vapors.

Where is the outrage? Where is the feminist movement? Remember the conniption they threw when Rick Lazio allegedly invaded the “personal space” of Hillary Clinton during their 2000 Senate debate?

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Obama ended the trio’s encounter with his typical condescension. “It doesn’t sound like you’re interested in listening,” he said. But Obama is the one on a “listening tour.” So, shut up, listen, and get your hands off of us.

This incident invites us to think about a possible scenario in the 2012 presidential race. Imagine for a moment if an unapologetic conservative woman were on the debate stage with him, either at separate podiums or at a town hall-style debate with no barriers between them. Imagine she had the guts to call Obama out for his record of failure and his terrorist pals. If Obama is able to keep his hands off her, he will boil over until he loses his cool in some other way. The flustered president will go down in flames — and the Left’s toughest champion will be beaten by a girl.

Update: This story was picked up by DailyKos by a diarist named qannabbos. Curiously, today we have seen a whole group of new people login, all posting a variation of the same comment: “While I do not support Obama, he did not grab her. We’re better than this! We Tea Party conservatives shouldn’t lie, like racist scum….” The new members then all like each other’s comments. The hate posters on DailyKos lack the subtlety to make their deception stick and lack the civility to lecture anyone about anything.

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