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Obama Justice Department after Sheriff Joe Arpaio


Floyd Brown, Floyd Reports

Joe Arpaio speech 3 SC

He has a million dollar bounty on his head from a Mexican drug cartel, he has been harassed by local liberals in the Maricopa County government, and now Sheriff Joe Arpaio has the Obama Justice department threatening to sue.
His crime, he has had the guts to stand up to the left wing establishment that want our borders open and the drugs to flow. He has the guts to protect the community that elected him a law man.

In all of my years as a political observer, I have never seen such a vast array of forces settle on a target. The liberal media want his scalp, the liberal intellectuals want him gone, the socialists that control the Federal government don’t want him arresting law breakers that they are too politically correct to arrest.

This is a call to arms. We conservatives across America must defend this man and make it our cause to keep him as Sheriff.

Read the letter sent to Maricopa County by the Department of Injustice here. And understand he is being targeted because of his success protecting his community from crime and drugs.


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