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How has he been able to pull off such a scam? Why won’t the media tell the truth? Why won’t our elected officials tell the truth? Why won’t the “civil rights” leaders tell the truth?  Why won’t our “Christian” leaders tell us the truth?

Well, here are a few who will.  Pastor James David Manning of Atlah World Ministries in Harlem, writer and truth-teller Mychal Massie of The Daily Rant, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson of B.O.N.D, and many others I could suggest. Why won’t Faux News give them a platform? Why do they constantly feed us the liberal views of weenie Juan Williams? They decide…you report what they decided.

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Perhaps those in power understand what the little people don’t; Obama is one of THEM.  He is an elitist…part of the ruling class…the government class. He hasn’t sold out “his” people because “his” people aren’t who we thought they were. HE knows who “his” people are, and he is serving them quite well.

Both political parties want to keep us divided. Democrats want to keep blacks on their plantation, while Republicans are afraid to speak the truth. Why do both parties feed us Jesse Jackson as the spokesman for black Americans?  Listen to Mychal Massie in this rant.  Why isn’t he a regular on Fox?

Here is the truth: Democrats want poor people dependent on government. They trap young black-skinned children in rotten government schools because they do not want to throw the teachers’ unions out of the bed they share.

They trap inner-city residents into bondage to food-stamps and government handouts as they claim to care. Cliven Bundy was right; they have traded one form of slavery for another. Look at the evidence. Blacks used to live as families. Today, government dependency has caused them to trade the father as the family head for the prison of government provision.

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So, all of the great hopes that black America had for the first “African” President have come to a crashing halt. They are slow to admit the truth. Obama couldn’t care less about the plight of “his” people because they aren’t “his” people.  “His” people are rich limousine liberals who profit from keeping blacks on the plantation. Neither Obama nor his children have spent one second in black inner-city schools. They are children of privilege and beneficiaries of white guilt.

Obama can blame the Republicans all he wants. He can fan the flames of racism and division in an attempt to keep us divided. He can make promise after lying promise with no plans to deliver. Here is a simple question for my black friends and white friends who believe skin color is more important than the content of one’s character.

Why has he done so little to help “his” people? Could it be we don’t realize who he considers “his” people?

He is not one of them. He is Arab, not African.  He grew up in a white environment, not in the inner city. For 25 years, he was a member of a hate-America church, not a Christian church. He went to a private Muslim school, not a private Christian school.  He never spent a day in a “black” environment. Everything about him is a fraud.

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