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Obama is Throwing Granny Under the Bus (and Over the Cliff)


How many times have we heard liberals claim that conservatives want to throw Granny under the bus or over a cliff because we want to drastically reduce government’s role in healthcare? Or, they’ll say that conservatives only care about increasing the wealth of the one percent and want to “throw everybody else out in the street”. Conservatives do want to privatize Social Security because of the flexibility it would give to the young of today to save for their future. They point out that, as Ronald Reagan said, government policies and programs are not the solution but rather the problem. Liberals have been instrumental in impoverishing more people by creating widespread dependency and expectancy. How many people do you think didn’t save enough money for their retirement years because “they were sure” Social Security would be there for them? How many people thought about what they ate or what they smoked or how they lived because they knew Medicare would be there for them? So who is really “throwing Granny under the bus”?

Our government through its socialist policies aims to impoverish people in the middle and lower classes and keep them dependent on the Nanny state for their livelihood. Politicians like Pelosi, Reid, Biden, and Obama call it “redistribution of wealth” or being “fair”. Conservatives simply point out that history proves private entities take better care of people, more efficiently than any government has ever been able to. People and their doctors are far more compassionate than government and its “death panels” or Independent Payment Advisory Board, a board created by Obamacare and comprised of 15 unelected government bureaucrats. In reality, conservatives aren’t throwing these people out in the street to die; liberal progressives are or will do so when they no longer need them to retain power.

The game of politics has gotten very dirty indeed, and it is being buoyed up on one end by a compliant media. To confuse public opinion, one side accuses the other of something that they themselves are guilty of, knowing that all the media attention will remain on the “accused” rather than the “accuser”. The liberal elite make accusations and bombastic comments about how Republicans, Conservatives, and members of the Tea Party want to “kill” Medicare because they don’t care about Granny. They cite cuts by conservatives to balance the budget and completely ignore the fact that the accuser, Obama, has already cut more than $700 billion from Medicare, is applying the “savings” to other socialized healthcare programs for illegals and others, and is scheduled to cut even more to fund Obamacare. The final cost is pegged by the neutral GAO to be near $1.3 trillion as of today’s accounting. Who knows what it will be a month or two from now or God forbid in January 2013? Obamacare’s Medicare cuts are all across the board, affecting older retirees as well as those under 55, something that DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is reticent to admit or absolutely refuses to address under any circumstances.

What the Democrats won’t tell you is that the proposed Medicare cuts under Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan only apply to those who are under 55 years old. And even then, all their plan does is give these younger Medicare beneficiaries options either to continue with traditional Medicare or to opt for an even better government-approved private insurance plan. Yes, it gives them options for a better life if they choose. What Romney needs is a big bus with the slogan “We Will Set You Free; 55 and Over No Change; Under 55, You Have a Choice”. Better yet, they should put shrink wrap on all the buses in the big cities of all 9 battleground states and California. I would love to see Nancy Pelosi’s face when she sees a bus in San Francisco with that message.

The liberal hypocrisy and lies are bound to continue and will get even more shrill in the future as they become aware of the deteriorating situation throughout the country. The Republican conservatives are being civil in their discourse, but the truth is a very pointed spear indeed. The Democratic party is imploding, and you can sense it in the air of uncertainty at Democratic headquarters in Washington, DC and Chicago.

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