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Obama is the new Ward Cleaver?


Looking online for gift ideas for my dad, I saw one site offering suggestions for different types of fathers along with a corresponding celebrity meant to embody that trait. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson represents the athletic dad, for the foodie dad there’s Bobby Flay, and so on.

The category I felt best fit my own father was “classic dad,” though I was disgusted to see the accompanying photograph: Barack Hussein Obama. “If your dad is like Barack Obama,” the description begins, he is “classic in every sense of the word.” Really?

Doses the word “classic” have absolutely no meaning anymore? The man who said he supports abortion because he wouldn’t want one of his girls “punished” with a child is a classic dad now. I can just hear Jim Anderson sharing that bit of wisdom with his family on “Father Knows Best.”

He claimed his opinion on gay marriage was influenced by his young daughters since, obviously, adolescents are viewed as the experts on all things sexual to the classic dad. I can’t even imaging Mike Brady using that logic with his progressive, 70s-style, parenting, much less from an actual classic father.

Send Obama a Father’s Day note on his website and enjoy being directed to his fundraising page. Usurping a holiday meant to honor a vital member of the family unit is nothing if there’s the possibility of getting money by doing so. It’s all about the Benjamins for this classic dad.

[Here’s a side note: I understand it’s a ploy to attain more e-mail addresses and potential donors for a campaign that has been hemorrhaging support lately, but asking for wishes from the general public sends a weird message. I know the media views him as the Messiah, but we’re really not all made in his image. That honor (?) is reserved for his two daughters and, according to Obama, Trayvon Martin.]

When I think of classic parenting, I think of family values such as those imparted onto me by my own parents.

One thing I learned from my classic dad is that actions have consequences. When I messed up (as I often did) my father was still there for me, but he would not have been doing his job to shelter me from the costs associated with those bad decisions. This president is telling his “children” across America that there are no such consequences.

Don’t feel like working? Enjoy 99 weeks of unemployment benefits and a laundry list of government handouts. Brazenly cross our border illegally and live on the public dole your entire life? No worries! We won’t allow mean states like Arizona to enforce the law… and by the way, don’t forget to vote in November!

In fact, the only actions that have negative consequences are those supported by the right. When Papa Obama sees a CEO with the gall to bring home more income than a janitor, well then it’s time to level the playing field and confiscate even more from that greedy fat cat.

We are targeted for exercising our Second Amendment right, wanting the Ten Commandments displayed anywhere but church, defending the sanctity of life, or any number of unapproved exploits.

Not wanting the (well deserved) stigma associated with the term “liberal,” leftists have referred to themselves as progressives for many years. By that association alone, embracing change from the status quo, Obama and anyone else of like liberal mind cannot also be a “classic” anything. Well, except maybe a classic Marxist.

In conclusion, Happy Father’s Day to my dad and all the other truly classic fathers out there!

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