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The latest revelations about Obama’s literary agent having taken the rap for the so-called false information on his “Bio”with Acton & Dystel does not pass the smell test or any stretch of logic or critical thinking for a rational person to believe.  This saga starts in 1991 and the latest reason being floated for the misconstrued information is that it was a “fact-checking error.”   This is ludicrous at best and disingenuous at worst, how gullible does Obama think we really are?  It is widely known that all authors have complete control of their bio and other sources have pointed out Acton & Dystel required authors to provide this information for them.

Why we are being led down this path now is the real story that needs to be explored for the motivations behind all the secrecy of Obama’s past.

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We must make a few reasonable assumptions to get us farther down the road and ask some rather important questions from Obama’s perspective to arrive at some level of truth.   The first is Obama must have known about the Acton & Dystel bio, after all he was more than likely the source for this misinformation, who else could have done this?  Not to mention that it had moldered for 16 years from 1991 to 2007 before it was scrubbed just two months after Obama announces his candidacy for president.   This was a deliberate act of deception, as he knew that this could be damaging to his carefully crafted imaginary image of himself and his fabricated past.

However, Obama had left Acton & Dystel sometime in 2005 or 2006.

Now that we have laid the groundwork for the important questions to follow, logic is going to take a hard left turn to the political left.  If Obama himself had confabulated his own birth narrative  we must know the reasons.  It has been floated that this was done to give him “street cred” with Chicago’s inner city black population as some skinny kid raised by white grandparents who went to exclusive and privileged schools does not sell well with these folks.

As we follow this twisted tale, he needed these credentials since he had set his eye on the Mayor’s seat for the city of Chicago.  So he concocted this tale to get himself elected, such is the state of politics in Chicago, then as now.

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He also used this artifice as he ran for State Senator and the U.S. Senate from Illinois since again it would give him the credentials he needed to be elected to these higher offices.  However, he had started the practice of eliminating candidates off the “ballots” in these races and actually did not have to face any serious debate about himself or his politics, as each candidate faded away and he ran virtually unopposed.  We even see shades of this tactic with McCain in the presidential election in 2008 when it was “leaked” that he was not born in the U.S.A, but Panama.

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