Obama is Squashing Internet freedom


Barack Obama

Hardly anyone predicted the Internet and its consequences, with the amazing new freedom to communicate with almost anybody across the globe and easily look up facts. Who would have thought that someone could pull out a cell phone at dinner and have the most comprehensive encyclopedias in hand to peruse for information? All this was created without the federal government protecting us from the companies that were providing the service.

The Obama administration doesn’t hold the new freedom in high regard. The administration labels new regulations as “net neutrality.” If enacted, new Federal Communications Commission regulations will change everything. The federal government not only will regulate prices (which is never a good idea), but also will eliminate any control by service providers over the programs they run on their systems.

Preventing Internet providers from charging higher prices to those who use more bandwidth will, the argument goes, benefit consumers. Unfortunately, although we all would like lower prices, things don’t work that way. Large downloads slow down the Internet. Not limiting those who want to make large downloads produces congestion, slowing down the rate at which others can access information on the Internet.



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