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Obama Indirectly Tied to the Colorado Massacre?


Barack Obama has embraced and emboldened the Occupy movement since its inception, and despite increasing lawlessness reaching to the point of domestic terrorism in the form of the Occupy Black Bloc group, Obama has refused to distance himself from them.


We need only look at the history of those who have shaped Obama’s ideology, beginning with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, and a host of other socialists and communists.

Ayers took part in the famous “Day of Rage” in 1969, calling for an end to the Vietnam War, but more importantly calling for an end to capitalism.

When the Vietnam War began to wind down, the prop for Ayers’ socialism ceased to exist, but his  band of domestic terrorists, the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), lived on as capitalism still needed to be destroyed.

Despite Ayers’ bombs, America wanted nothing of his socialist utopia, so Ayers went about putting socialism in place with the help of groups like ACORN.

Then George W. Bush came along.

The radicals again put their “anti-war” movement together, including Obama with his October 2, 2002 anti-Iraq War speech at Chicago Federal Plaza, complete with former SDS members Mike Klonsky, Carl Davidson, and Marilyn Katz putting together an anti-war protest as a prop to give drama to Obama’s speech. Per the Obama campaign, video of the event (except for thirteen seconds of Obama’s speech, including his “dumb war” statement) was “lost.” It was “lost” because the crowd was filled to the gills with radicals that would in 2009 become the Occupy movement: same ideology, same players.

So in effect, we could say Obama is part of the Occupy movement.

What is different between Ayers’ ideology/ domestic terrorism of the 1960s and 1970s and the Occupy Black Bloc group?

Nothing. They are indistinguishable.

So if it is determined that the Colorado mass murderer James Holmes was part of the Occupy Black Bloc group, which is nothing more than a continuation of Obama and Ayers’ “anti-war” movement,  and Black Bloc researcher Bill Warner is correct that Holmes fits the Occupy Black Bloc profile to a tee, then President Barack Hussein Obama is indirectly tied to the massacre in Colorado.

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