Obama Hates the Press and Journalists Can’t Handle That Truth


Love is a many splendored thing – except when the feeling isn’t mutual. Then, love stinks. That’s the position journalists find themselves in as their love for President Barack Obama has been a one-way street.

The rejection is much harsher than screening their calls. Obama has done everything to keep them away except take out a restraining order. The latest examples of mistreatment include actions by both the Defense Department and government agencies in the Gulf clean-up. In both cases, journalists have been restricted in ways that have made scribes scream.

Barack Obama 8 SC

No wonder they call it a “crush.”

The American media fell in love at first sight with Obama when he gave what CBS called his “electrifying” keynote speech before the 2004 Democratic National Convention. Then journalists wooed him throughout the presidential campaign – with election news stories looking like Democratic campaign ads. Now nearly a year-and-a-half into the marriage, they’ve discovered an awful truth about modern love – Obama is the most anti-press president in modern history.

Their love story gone bad is so heart-wrenching that it could be a country song about how he done them wrong. Only it’s not; these are current events.

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