Obama Going on Six Months Without a Press Conference


Barack Obama 8 SC

President Obama is preparing for his State of the Union address, expected sometime in the next month, but some in the White House press corps are getting antsy for him to hold a news conference with reporters, something he hasn’t done since July 22, almost six months ago.

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Monday he doesn’t know when Obama may face reporters’ questions again.

“I don’t see one on the schedule, at least in the short term, which is precisely what I said,” Gibbs said, adding, “The last time we had this conversation here about the president’s media strategy, I was informed by many of you that the president was overexposed.”

Obama has given dozens of one-on-one interviews for television, radio and print, and Towson University political science professor Martha Joynt Kumar said presidents tend to favor media exchanges that best suit their particular goals.

With a health insurance reform bill still in flux, Obama is unlikely to do a news conference any time soon.

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