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Obama Is Fooling Himself If He Trusts This Poll


In response to the major smack down gay “marriage” got in North Carolina, Barack Obama made a hurried and clumsy announcement of support for such unions. Immediately thereafter, most black pastors reacted with strong condemnation of Obama’s position. In reaction to their speaking out against gay “marriage”, Obama twisted the arm of some of the more influential pastors as he had strong armed Cory Booker for his “heresy.”

To make all of this go away, Public Policy Polling (PPP), a North Carolina firm that had misled Obama into thinking he was going to lose the North Carolina gay “marriage” vote by a “manageable” 55% against (and possibly even do better), hurried to “make things right” with a ridiculous poll of Maryland’s black voters showing a 36% swing to support Obama and gay “marriage.”

Now we have Clarence Page, the Black liberal syndicated columnist gleefully sticking his tongue out at conservatives and breathlessly declaring that an ABC/Washington Post “poll” is showing that black voter support for Gay “marriage” has increased FORTY ONE PERCENT all the way to 59%. “So take THAT, conservatives!”

Well, guess what? Black enthusiasm to vote is already so low (48%, down from 78% this time in 2008) that ANY diminution will be lethal for Obama’s chances of reelection.

African American Bishop Harry Jackson of the Hope Christian Church, the head of a 176 member coalition of religious leaders, has no intention of backing down from his anti gay “marriage” position that he sees as biblically based.  Bishop Jackson has asked, “We want to know whether he [Obama] is going to use the bully pulpit of the presidential office to absolutely erase the image of biblical marriage from the face of the earth? Some of us have taken his statements as a declaration of political war against the venerable institution of marriage.”

In a statement made last Thursday, Bishop Jackson added, “In the African-American community, many people are saying they made him do that; we don’t understand why he did that. We don’t believe that really was the president’s intent. Others have given high fives in the backroom saying, ‘he got paid.’ We don’t really know what the intent of the president is except that we know that is not just an isolated incident. Some further action will follow.”

As memory serves, reports from those who had been in one of Stalin’s Siberian gulags told of incredulous inmates whispering “Comrade Stalin doesn’t know we’re here. If he did he would close this place and let us out.”

They had no independent source of information, but African Americans do. If just 5% more lose enthusiasm and the numbers go back to normal with a GOP presidential candidate getting 8%, it will be devastating for the Democrats.

Clarence Page can laugh all he wants, but the joke will be on him and his pals. There is no way this will NOT have a detrimental effect on Democrats and Obama this November.

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