Obama Fantasy Comes True At Pentagon


At the Pentagon this week the liberals’ biggest fantasy has now become reality. Barack Obama is cutting the military budget and using the “savings” to fund social programs. In a rare press conference in the Pentagon, he called for a major reduction of the U.S. Armed forces over the next ten years. Obama’s strategy is to reduce America’s presence in Europe and redirect our Strategic forces towards the Middle East and Asia, leaving the defense of Europe in the hands of NATO.

Obama’s plan shifts strategic force to the Asia-Pacific region to counter China’s growing military threat. The movement of forces to the Middle East will focus on countering the threat of violent extremism. This strategy sounds good to the liberal press but like any of this Administration’s Alinsky inspired plans it lacks detail. Of course this plan is based solely on budget woes so don’t hold your breath waiting to see if any other government entity receives such a large budget cut. Such a plan is risky, and leaves the U.S, vulnerable in the long run.

Hollow Force

Obama wishes to reduce the Army and Marines by over 100,000 troops and conduct future military operations using Special Operations, Counterterrorism, Intelligence and training foreign militaries. Just like JFK had in mind for Vietnam in the early 60’s. Such reduction will limit our ability to fight to capability to fight only one short term major military conflict as opposed to the old paradigm of having Armed Forces capable of fighting two wars simultaneously. A possible scenario; China may ask North Korea to create a skirmish to tie up U.S. assets while they take Taiwan by force.

The new strategy will focus more on technology to conduct future military operations and will focus on full spectrum warfare featuring cyber warfare. The last time I checked the Taliban weren’t fighting with laptops. Future wars will focus more on unmanned drones. How will this Administration expect the United States military to maintain its technological edge when companies are being forced to outsource work to China and India because of this government’s overreaching regulations?

Nuclear Secrets

Mr. Obama’s priorities are dangerous. They include maintaining a strong nuclear deterrent capability by reducing the number of nuclear weapons and handing over all of America’s and British nuclear secrets to the Russians and Chinese; and confronting terrorism, after agreeing to free Taliban leaders held in GIMTO as a good will gesture to appease the Muslims Extremists. Somehow during these realignments the United States will have to maintain military superiority, but how?

Republican response

The Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee released a statement calling the policy, “a lead-from-behind strategy for a left-behind America” and “The President has packaged our retreat from the world in the guise of a new strategy to mask his divestment of our military and national defense.”



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