Obama enjoys benefits of Celebrity Status Syndrome


By Neil Braithwaite,


Barack Obama speech 7 SCDo you ever wonder how you can be so vehemently opposed politically to a celebrity, be they an actor or musician, and yet, truly enjoy watching or listening to them perform? Why do you suppose that is? Well, I believe it’s because you can compartmentalize them into both a celebrity and political advocate. Although you know full well they are the same person, you can still enjoy and respect the one and yet harbor a disdain for the other.

A great example of this for me is watching Alec Baldwin act or listening to Bruce Springsteen’s music. I think Baldwin is an exceptional and funny actor, but I can’t stand his liberal rants. As for Springsteen, well let’s just say his politics rub me the wrong way, but as far as his music goes, he’s still the boss. And don’t tell me you don’t do this. You know you are still watching or listening to some celebrities who have done some rather, let’s say, questionable things in the past. It makes you think…doesn’t it?

Celebrity Status Syndrome helped me understand why Barack Obama had so many loyal followers and got such positive media coverage during the campaign, especially since most people didn’t really know who he was or what he stood for coupled with so many negative stories and associations about him. CSS is also responsible for the same loyal followers and positive media coverage President Obama has continued to enjoy since his election.


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