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Obama ducking Black ministers/media to avoid Gay marriage question


The mainstream media has not reported this, and they won’t report it because it hurts Barack Obama. He is ignoring requests from black ministers and the African-American media for a meeting over the issue of gay marriage. He obviously plans to continue ignoring them until they get the message: “Go away, and start working for my reelection!”

In May, when Barack Obama “evolved” his position on gay “marriage” and decided he needed gay money more than he needed black votes, he lit a fuse that is burning closer to an electoral powder keg.  Upon first hearing of his “change of heart”, there was an immediate attitude of disbelief among African-Americans. “Brother Barack must have his reasons”, they said to each other, trying to make sense of the deep sense of betrayal they felt. In their search for answers, blacks turned to their ministers. “Surely he will speak with Pastor and explain this”, they said.

African-American ministers spoke among themselves and decided that this time, they could not just smile and say “Yes sir, Mr. President!” They knew they just had to meet with Obama, take a few pictures to be circulated in the African-American media, and write down what they should tell their congregations. They are itching to put this “gay marriage thing” aside and get to work reelecting a man who has given them over 14% unemployment and put a huge number of blacks on food stamps. They feel this way because they don’t care about anything but having a black man in the White House to stick it to all the “racists” in America. Almost nothing else matters – except Gay marriage. For one in five African Americans this is a deal breaker.

A poll in North Carolina shows fully 20% of blacks intend to vote for Mitt Romney because they feel so strongly about Obama’s “evolution” on gay marriage.

On July 6, the leader of a coalition of black pastors asked Obama for a meeting with him in the White House, and nothing happened. More than a week later, they have heard nothing, and they are not likely to hear anything either.  He won’t meet with them because his handlers can’t figure out what lie they will tell about gay marriage.

Another group Obama won’t meet with is the National Newspaper Publishers Association, a black media group. They have never had a White House invitation, and they are not likely to get one either. Obama knows they will ask him about gay marriage and still has no answer.

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