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In that vast flying gaggle of fledgling verbiage-magicians, jacked journalists and giant egos like the Huffington Post, can be found about 10-15 stories about UFO’s at any time night or day. Yet how many stories about the dozens of missing documents on Barry or the cries of fraud coming from the dozens of veteran investigators under Maricopa County’s Sheriff Arpaio does on hear? – none. Yes, there have been a few but don’t ask if they were prejudiced, biased, balanced or even tacitly reasonable. Only UFO stories seem worthy of that kind of fairness.

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Huff has got some great writers but it always seems like they are an entourage sent to a deep woods junkyard in the country to go around and polish up the wrecks. In the end, the stories, the bias, the celebs, the events, and the topics covered are still a heap of wreckage from America’s junkyard of old usefuls.

Being facetious doesn’t mean you can’t be factual. What is a fact is that Huff-Po and no one else in the pain stream media has ever been forthwith, reasonable or honest concerning Barack Obama’s place of birth and other missing elements of his former life, since they first came into question. The days of investigate journalism are beginning to vanish even in the absence of judges, election officials and states AG’s who still haven’t found their way to Grand Wizard of Oz for some courage.

The big voices and chieftains have spoken.

One video floating around the cyber community for all to see is of Bill O’Reilly saying he doesn’t have time for the questions about the birth certificate. Then he proceeds to explain that the best evidence of is the two birth announcments carefully posted in local newspapers in Hawaii. He does not say that his findings are to be compared with the months of concerted efforts of dozens of seasoned investigators assisting Sheriff Arpaio and their findings. We can be thankful that he is not saying that, but his silence is only more of the same; it is now failure to reckon with a not so distant rumbling volcano.

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Three years of making fun of “birthers” has resulted in a long list of undignified, indecent and unkind names to describe those in search of some facts. They are called crazies, conspiracy nuts, and a plethora of names that in the end, all add up to calling them all fools.

The search for Bigfoot, UFOs and vampires!

They are added to the class of wandering wayward wonkers who are endlessly searching for the leprechauns of Galway Bay. They are seen as the next best prospect for an episode of Mythbusters, or people who should just give up and join up with the search for Bigfoot gang. They are on a level with those who really think that werewolves and vampires stalk our city streets until dawn. They are held in the same regard as those who claim to have been abducted by aliens and taken aboard UFOs.

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