Photo credit: watchwithkristin (Creative Commons)

Obama administration officials in the Department of Health and Human Services announced Thursday they would pull all of Medicaid’s funding for Texas’ Women’s Health Program because the state decided to no longer pass those funds along to abortion providers, such as Planned Parenthood. Instead of holding the Obama officials accountable for putting the interests of a favored liberal group ahead of the poor women of Texas, right on cue theCBS Evening News turned it into another tale of woe with women as victims in the loss of “free” services provided by the sacrosanct Planned Parenthood.

“A fight over Planned Parenthood could leave thousands of women without health services,” anchor Scott Pelley ominously teased Thursday night, before introducing the report on how the “a growing dispute…could leave thousands of Texas women without access to health care.”

Reporter Anna Werner went straight to a woman “worried about a recent Texas decision to exclude Planned Parenthood from that federal program, which provides free preventive services, like breast and cervical cancer screenings, to low-income women.”

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Read more at the Media Research Center. By Brant Baker.

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