Obama Declares Free Market Doesn’t Work


Two days ago, Obama gave a speech at a high school in Kansas.  The president told Americans that free market capitalism does not work.  Let me repeat that so it can settle in.  The President of the United States told Americans that free market capitalism does not work and has never worked.  Now allow me to summarize nine other major points made by the President –

  • In today’s America, the hard work of the middle class benefits only the wealthy.
  • The key to national prosperity lies with government regulation and oversight of all private business activity.
  • Individualism is trumped by collectivism.  Survival of the fittest is a myth.
  • The only way out of our economic malaise is to re-educate Americans with government programs, including tax-subsidized community college education.
  • The solution to unemployment in the construction industry is to stop building houses in the private sector and redeploy workers to build public sector projects.
  • We all must pay higher taxes if we want to succeed as a nation.  Tax cuts simply slow job growth.
  • Greedy banks and investment houses are unilaterally responsible for America’s mortgage meltdown, not government programs promoted by liberal democrats seeking votes .
  • The Tea Party message is the same as that of the Occupy Wall Street protesters.
  • This administration produces policies and supports legislation forcing every American business to play by the same set of rules.

So there you have it.  Ten bizarre assertions made by our Community-Organizer-In-Chief that taken individually or collectively are hard to believe.  Each defies logic, the basic rules of economics and the fundamental patterns of human behavior and motivation.  Several of these assertions are also blind to the history of failed liberal policies, both here and abroad, as well as deaf to the voices of most Americans who still believe in the power of the individual.

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