Obama, Clinton Seal Alliance With Bow, Bear Hug


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — Barack Obama and Bill Clinton sealed their political alliance with a bow and a bear hug.

It didn’t last long, but Obama and Clinton’s center stage moment Wednesday showed signs of what was once unthinkable for the former rivals. The two presidents seem to actually like each other.

They certainly need each other. Obama turned to the popular former president who oversaw an economic resurgence and asked him to make the case for a second Obama term at a time of high unemployment. Clinton needed him to continue to be relevant in the party he once led, and perhaps help pave the way for a future Hillary Rodham Clinton candidacy.

The famously long-winded Clinton commanded the stage for about 50 minutes, while Obama watched backstage — and waited.

It was well past 11 p.m. when Clinton wrapped up and the podium lowered into the floor. Obama sauntered on stage, waving to the crowd with a wide smile on his face.

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