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Obama Claims Stealth Amnesty Has Secured Our Borders


The Obama administration is in overdrive to claim credit for a newly released report showing a decline in the number of illegal immigrants. The Pew Hispanic Center found that “only” 300,000 illegal immigrants entered the United States each year from March 2007 to March 2009. Since Obama took office in late January 2009, how he merits praise is a mystery to everyone except The One. The fact is, George W. Bush does not deserve (much) credit, either. The report notes two developments slowed the border invasion: greater enforcement of the law — some of it begun by Bush to garner support for an amnesty program, much of it enforced by local governments — and something vastly more significant, the Great Recession. With jobs scarce, there were fewer “jobs Americans aren’t willing to do.” According to the Pew study, this made many illegals leave the United States and fewer would-be immigrants come. It also points out that Texas, which has one of the strongest state economies in the country, has seen virtually no decline.

If Obama is claiming credit for tanking the U.S. economy with his massive debt and ever-expanding social spending programs, we’re happy to let him.

It is petty to claim Bush’s successes as his own, although Obama is by no means averse to that. Department of Homeland Security deputy press secretary Matt Chandler told reporters, “This administration’s unprecedented commitment of manpower, technology and infrastructure to the Southwest border has been a major factor in this dramatic drop in illegal crossings.”

Obama’s border program has been a disaster for the entire country, especially border states like Arizona. In essence, the president waved the white flag before the narcotics gangs waging a low-scale war on the border. Instead of posting a sufficient number of troops along the border, he posted signs 100 miles from the border to scare away…American citizens. Southern Arizona is occupied territory. The signs may as well read, “Abandon HOPE, all ye who enter here.”

His drive to give amnesty to a largely Democratic voting base has weakened our already permeable border. He has dismissed lawsuits against illegal immigrants. He has sued the state of Arizona over its common sense immigration law, even hauling the state before human rights abusers at the UN. Today, the Justice Department sued Sheriff Joe Arpaio yet again, as it had threatened to do, allegedly because he is not cooperating with its investigation. The problem, according to Arpaio’s attorney, is after turning over “hundreds of thousands” of records, Arpaio still has no idea what Eric Holder is investigating.

Holder and certain Open Borders groups have accused Arpaio of “racial profiling” for primarily arresting Hispanic immigration violators. Hispanics make up a mere 90 percent of all illegal immigrants.

Even in one of the areas Obama claims to have gotten tougher — cracking down on employers of illegals — the record shows he has been willing to look the other way. Judicial Watch has obtained records of the many companies the Obama administration has let off the hook, including a California business that has “suspicious documents for 93% of its employees.”

Illegal immigration swelled to 800,000 illegals a year in the years just before the Pew study’s drop-off point, because so many hoped to benefit from the McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill. Obama is again pledging to pass an amnesty — err, “comprehensive immigration reform” bill. A majority of Mexicans say amnesty would increase the number of illegals crossing the border. Since Mexicans account for 62 percent of all illegal immigrants, their word carries some weight.

But Arizona residents such as Robert Krentz do not need a poll or a Pew report to know exactly what Obama has accomplished on the border in the last 18 months.


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