There is the account of a man who fell from the roof of a 10 story building. As he passed their windows on the way down, people on each floor heard him exclaim, “well…so far, so good.”

As the election approaches, Barack Hussein Obama might also be saying to himself  “so far, so good.” But don’t count on it.

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For any way you look at it, Obama’s fortunes are plummeting just as surely as those of the man from the roof. Sure, he diverted countless tax dollars to labor unions and favored corporations, receiving in return his “cut” in campaign contributions. He successfully maneuvered ObamaCare through a Democrat-packed Congress, ensuring the universal dependency of 300 million people upon the government for goodness knows how many decades to come. And there is nothing the Left enjoys more than prospective voters dependent upon Big Brother, first for their living and now for their very LIFE!

It’s a Democrat Party dream come true!

But according to the polls—and that includes polls which can actually be believed—Barack is not doing so well. The January 9th Rasmussen Tracking Poll shows that only 23 percent of likely voters strongly approve of The One’s efforts on behalf of the American people, while 42 percent strongly disapprove. In fact, only 47 percent of Democrats themselves approve of the ways in which Obama has applied his self-proclaimed genius.

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Even Gallup Job Approval numbers foretell a dismal electoral future for the acting president. Polling “Americans” rather than likely voters—a practice which provides Barack and fellow Democrats quite a statistical boost– even here the smartest president in history finds 47 percent disapproval vs 46 percent who still support his Marxist ways.

And these numbers are not likely to change significantly over the coming months, except for the worse.

And this is why, if Obama is to win re-election, something has to happen. Not the time honored “October Surprise,” consisting of some accusation of womanizing on the part of the Republican candidate, or claims of an ancient DUI arrest.

It must be something really big. That is, a second 9/11; an explosion at a nuclear plant killing thousands and exposing millions to an expanding cloud of radiation; a lunatic running amok in the Capital Building, killing untold numbers of senators and House members– in short, a “time-freezing” event which will displace the upcoming election from all public consciousness and cause it to pale to comparative insignificance.

And of course the hero of the weeks which follow such a mind-numbing disaster will be Barack Hussein Obama. Americans, indeed the whole world, will watch as Obama is feted day and night by a national media unanimous in its awe at the extraordinary qualities of leadership, the manifest calm, the steely-eyed resolve, and overwhelming compassion with which the One will have handled the aftermath of this unimaginable tragedy.

And suddenly an election once eagerly contemplated as the only means of saving the American people from a power hungry tyrant will become a timely expedient for placing clearly the greatest of all leaders once again in command of his grateful flock.

Make no mistake, Barack Obama and his worldwide collection of handlers and enablers are criminals. They will stop at nothing to retain the unparalleled power of the White House. The American people must understand this fact and be prepared to discern the concealed though recognizable hand of evil even in the commission of an event so despicable as to make it impossible that any human being should be capable of its mere contemplation.

I very much hope to be wrong in my suspicions of what Barack Obama & Co. might be capable.

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