You may recall that on Monday President Obama refused take any questions from the press (irony alert!) immediately after signing the “Press Freedom Act” in the Oval Office. The president, who hasn’t held a prime time press conference since last July, said this was not a press conference and he would have something later in the week.

Photo Credit: The US Army Creative Commons

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He was presumably referring to today’s scheduled “Joint Press Conference” with Mexican President Calderon in the Rose Garden. But so-called “press conferences” with foreign leaders usually allow for only two questions from the White House press corps and two from foreign reporters.

But today he said there was time for only one from each side. And in what I suspect was a White House effort to assure that the questioning was limited to immigration and other issues of U.S.-Mexico concern, he called on the Univision reporter from the U.S. side.

So if his goal was to avoid answering any tough questions about yesterday’s elections, or the oil spill in the Gulf, or financial regulation, or Iran, or Afghanistan — he succeeded.

As he and President Calderon turned to walk back toward the Oval Office I asked, loudly enough for him to hear, if he had any comment on the elections. No response.

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I then shouted “Do you have any plans for a REAL press conference?” No response, not that I expected one.

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Photo Credit: The US Army Creative Commons

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