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The best Biblical teachers in the world have been forecasting big trouble for America over the last 40 years. While largely ignored, the “great pay-day someday”, a phrase coined by the late Rev R. G. Lee (1886 – 1974) has finally arrived in our time.

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The 40 year factor is based in the Bible’s repeated use of the number forty, used over 146 times, as the “time of ample proof.” Whether associated with days or years, the bible uniformly engages this number to show that a thing has been completely tested. It is a period that signifies a chastisement, trial, or probation that always ends with a judgment, usually summary in nature.

Examples are too numerous to list here, but some of the most famous uses of the number 40 are as follows.

• For forty days and nights Jesus was fasting in the desert which ended in the great temptation by the devil. (Mt 4: 2)

• Jesus was seen of his disciples and as many as 500 people at one time after his resurrection for a period of 40 days. (Ac 1: 2)

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• It took forty days for Moses to receive the law on the mount. (Ex 24: 18)

• The tribes of Israel roamed in the wilderness before taking possession of the Promised Land. (De 8: 2-5) (Ps 95: 10) (Acts 13: 18)

The most overlooked example is scattered throughout the writings of both major and minor prophets, although it is not explicitly written in the scriptures themselves. It is revealed by the length of time each prophet applied their calling in service to God. For most, it was a full period of forty years. In the case of prophets who prophesied locally (Pre and post-exilic), most every word they proclaimed came to pass at, near, or just after the end of their 40 years of utterance.

Many prophecies from every kind of preacher, prophet, and priest have been cast for the period of time we are coming to. One alone stands out far above them all and will reach its 40 year long period in 2013. Needless to say, we are referring to the deeply evil scourge we call abortion.

Passages of scripture like this-“That innocent blood be not shed in thy land, which the LORD thy God giveth thee for an inheritance, and so blood be upon thee,” (De 9: 10)-are found throughout the bible; and while they are totally ignored, God is counting every precious soul that we are discarding like so much refuse and waste material. By 2013, America’s death toll for unborn children will be well over sixty million. Say it out loud, and ponder it for a few minutes before going on to anything else. If you can see this in your mind’s eye, you should tremble.

The theory of evolution, that pseudo-science introduced by welcoming the fairy tale cogitations of Charles Darwin, has spun out its 40 year course having been accepted as part of normal curriculum in our schools since the sixties. Huge advances in creation science that have hammered the evolutionary model are being ignored along with the fact that God is being portrayed as a dunce and a liar.

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