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Obama Admin Orchestrated the Arab Spring


By most accounts, the Arab Spring went horribly wrong. The democratic elections that swept away dictators—for the most part friendly to the United States—have produced Islamic totalitarian governments.

Mohammed Morsi, president of Egypt, is probably the example par excellence. He quickly nullified the constitution,  neutered the judiciary, shut down any media that was critical of his government—branded as critical of Allah—and set up a macabre torture chamber.

Barack Obama, who championed this Arab Spring and even helped the Arab Spring along by arming and supporting the Libyan “rebels” (who were for the most part linked to Al Qaeda), apparently didn’t see this coming.

But Barack Obama is only human. He didn’t envision, like many others, that the people throughout the Middle East and North Africa would elect totalitarian Islamists that would become the Unites States’ enemy, right?

Although it is odd that Obama has embraced Mohammed Morsi with open arms. Mohammed Morsi is part of an organization—the Muslim Brotherhood—that has vowed to destroy the United States. In the words of one of their key documents:

The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers…

Mohammed Morsi has called for the invasion of Jerusalem and annihilation of the Jewish people and for a worldwide caliphate that places every country—including the United States—under the thumb of a Muslim caliph.

And it is odd that Obama is sending F-16s to Egypt headed by a man who has vowed to destroy the United States and Israel.

Barack Obama couldn’t have planned to install Islamists throughout the Middle East and North Africa, could he?

That is something that can’t be imagined. A sitting U.S. president who is working with the enemy?


Yet that is exactly what happened.

According to Tony Cartalucci, who was the first to report in his Land Destroyer Report on the database hacking scandal of defense contractor giant Britam, linking Barack Obama to a proposed false flag chemical weapons attack in Syria, the Obama administration was indeed behind the Arab Spring. The so-called “spontaneous grassroots movement” was nothing but a sham. Cartalucci describes in his recently published book War on Syria, Gateway to World War III:

…Local dissidents…received training, funding and material assistance from foreign powers through organizations funded largely by the US State Department…One of the organizations involved in recruiting, training, and supporting youth activists ahead of the “Arab Spring”…was Movements.org, or Alliance of Youth Movements,  [who] would later be described admitting to US funding and involvement in the “Arab Spring” uprisings.

Now it all makes sense. The Obama Administration’s hundreds of meetings with Muslim Brotherhood front groups CAIR and ISNA. Obama calling for long-time ally Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak to step down. The illegal war in Libya. Arming of the Muslim Brotherhood-controlled Egypt with tanks and F-16s. And now backing the Syrian “rebels” (Muslim-Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda operatives).

Barack Obama is in bed with the enemy, America. And there is only one solution: Impeachment.

And after impeachment?



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