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The almost bone jarring contrast of Obama’s speech at Planned Parenthood freezes every normal sense of credulity in unbelief.  The story of one baby born alive in the Pennsylvanias’ Gosnell horror mill is that the child was swimming in a toilet trying to get out. It was pulled from the toilet only to have its spinal cord snipped while the mother was still in the room.

Yes, Mr. Obama – give us the 50s – any day.

The main stream media reported that Obama delayed his now famous (or infamous) speech at Planned Parenthood so he could visit and console the families of those who lost loved ones in the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion.

It seemed for a moment that the president had a heart and perhaps he could put some priorities in order. That is called PR or in a far more honest vein it is pure propaganda.

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After hearing of the horrors and murders in Pennsylvania under Dr. Gosnell we may be better served to see the president skip both visits and instead visit the Gosnell clinic for a pause and a prayer – if the ghosts of those murdered there would allow it.

Had he visited the clinic on the day the baby was swimming in the toilet, would he have pulled it out and demanded its life be preserved? Would he in a moment of honest conscience stood with the helpless?

Mr. Obama has already answered that question. In the speech made at Planned Parenthood he clearly stated where he would stand. He said “You’ve also got a president who’s going to be right there with you, fighting every step of the way.” Fox News April 26, 2013

Mr. Obama sees himself as leading the nation into the 21st century and justifies his abortion stand as protecting women’s health. We can only wonder if he skipped every biology class ever offered in high school and college. Being pregnant is not a health problem and living perfectly viable unborn human beings; in or out of the mother’s womb, don’t have any health problems, unless the will to live is now considered unhealthy.

Yes, we’ll take the 50s any day, when pregnancy was not a health problem and no president would be found fighting for the freedom to kill the unborn.

Much about the 50s was all that was ever right with America. Women didn’t think they were in a war with conservatives, but knew they were only in a war with over eager young men, who usually lost which in turn produced a situation where there was no need for an abortion. Yeah, we’ll take those days.

We will also take the 50s presidents who left a legacy for us rather than a stream of blood from our own offspring.

President Truman who took up after Franklin Roosevelt from 1950 to 1952 faced and reigned in the reckless power of the corrupt unions instead of coddling them to buy votes as Barack Obama has done. He also gave us the Truman Doctrine which served to halt the expansion of communism in Eastern Europe. Mr. Obama has brought more communistic socialism into a once free nation than any president in history.

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