Obama 2012 and Facebook: Your Privacy, Diminished


My Privacy policy, in its simplest form, consists of but three tenets.
1) Government shouldn’t have access to any data besides that to which it is Constitutionally allowed – and only what is absolutely necessary for it to execute its enumerated, limited Constitutional duties. If they want more, they should go through the proper Constitutional channels – i.e. obtaining a warrant, writing a (Constitutional) law or amending the Constitution.

This is where things like ObamaCare, of course, vastly overreach.
2) Government should never – again, save for certain isolated instances, and again only after first going through proper channels – force private companies or persons to turn over data.
3) Private companies should never unilaterally give the government our data.

Private companies compile our data because it is inordinately valuable to them – in large part because it makes them more valuable to us. The more they know about our online-technological lives, the better they can make our online-technological experience.

And that’s not a bad thing. Unless they unilaterally give the government our data – a Rule #3 violation.

We may be running into some Rule #3 problems – again – this election season. And – shocker – it involves President Barack Obama. Again.

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