A 12-foot high Sky Banner emblazoned with the words “Impeach Obama” will fly 3,000 feet above the Pasadena Rose Bowl parade, reaching an estimated one million parade route viewers. Not surprisingly WorldNet Daily is breaking a story, but no other media outlet has thus far reported it.  (Correction:  on FloydReports.com. See the original story here.  — Ed.) Two San Diego groups, Stop Obama Now and the Impeach Obama Tea Party recently flew a similar banner at the USS Carl Vinson college basketball game, which Barack Obama attended.

“We feel the media has practiced a huge double standard. Criticism of Obama is suppressed,” supporters write on their website. The two main reasons the Impeach Obama groups are gaining traction is people are now really starting to pay attention to our Constitution’s Article II, sect. 1, paragraph 5.

The requirement that a resident must be a natural born citizen runs up against the fact that Barack Obama’s father was a subject of Great Britain in 1961 as a citizen of their protectorate, Kenya.  This issue is now front-and-center as part of the questions surrounding Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate. Dual citizenship parentage negates eligibility to be a president.

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WND.com is reporting that Alabama, Georgia, and New Hampshire are considering formal challenges to Obama’s 2012 candidacy. “Concerns that the Democrats, as in 2008, are proposing a candidate linked to fraud” over contested social security and birth certificate records” are coming out in citizen complaints.

A commenter and filmmaker Jeff Ray filmed the Orly Taitz vs. Fuddy election eligibility hearing in New Hampshire and plans to air it, but he is being opposed by the state’s Attorney General.

“I am also a citizen,” Ray said. “I . . .have a sworn duty as a citizen to protect the Constitution of the U.S.”  Another commenter is calling out the secretary of state in each of the 50 states for failing to properly vet Obama.

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One judge told his court that the people vetted Obama by voting for him, but as a Republic, our state officials carry sworn duties to protect their constituents, namely U.S. citizens, against fraud.

Only FloydReports.com and WND.com have the courage to tell us what is going on in the battle for the highest office in our land!!

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