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In 2005, the Left and the mainstream media lionized the NSA whistleblower Russell Tice for exposing George W. Bush’s warrantless wiretapping program. Of course, when it comes to a Democrat doing the same thing—Barack Obama’s massive PRISM program as revealed by Edward Snowden—not only phone calls, but emails, Facebook posts, Skype, travel records, credit card transactions, even bank records—the Left and mainstream media are oddly quiet.

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But Russell Tice has surfaced of late with a new set of NSA revelations. Instead of the Left parading him in Congressional hearings and endless mainstream media interviews, he’s been consigned to alternative media—the only real news left.

And oh he’s got a story to tell! In 2005, when he went public, he discussed the illegal wiretapping of everyday Americans. What he didn’t reveal, however, was that it wasn’t just everyday Americans that got spied on, but power players and politicians, journalists, White House staffers, even Supreme Court Justices!

And guess who was one of the politicians who had their phone tapped? You guessed it: Our own Barry Obama! Russell Tice, as he explains it, even held the Obama NSA wiretap order in his very own hand! It was 2004, just after Obama had won his U.S. Senate primary battle against Blair Hull, a multimillionaire securities trader. Hull initially had a commanding lead over Obama—then a no-name, obscure state senator—when David Axelrod and his minions at the Chicago Tribune successfully smeared Hull by waging a media frenzy to release six-year old divorce records. They would do the same thing to his Republican challenger, Jack Ryan, shortly thereafter, a tactic Obama’s minions use to this day.

But all that was under the bridge. On July 27, 2004, the “senator from Illinois” was revealed to the world at the Democratic National Convention and given the most prominent place—that of the keynote speaker. Many thought it was the most electrifying DNC speech ever. Democrats were whispering behind the scenes that they should have run Obama as their nominee instead of the ghoulish John Kerry.

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But Obama’s time would come.

The question becomes, why did the NSA pick this time period to wiretap Obama? Would the DNC put Barack Obama upon the world stage without knowing his past, without finding out whether there were any skeletons in his closet?

If you believe that Democrats and Republicans operate in a vacuum, you are naïve. The powers that be—that include the DNC and RNC—choose who will run and who will win. Four years later, in June of 2008, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the Democratic frontrunners for the nomination, attended the secretive Bilderberg meeting at the Westfields Marriott hotel in Chantilly, Virginia. Mysteriously—or not so mysteriously—Clinton shortly thereafter dropped out of the race, obviously Barack Obama being the candidate of the globalists. And if you look very carefully at the mainstream media coverage shortly after the Bilderberg meeting that began on June 6, almost to the day, the mainstream media—owned by the Bilderbergers—switched from supporting Clinton to Obama. For example, Politifact, the go-to source for hit jobs on political opponents, ran a smear piece June 3 comparing Obama to Bush. On June 12, Obama released his so-called short-form birth certificate, which was immediately deemed a fraud. But who do you think began defending Obama almost to the day after the Bilderberg meeting? Politifact.  For example, on June 13, Politifact began running articles backing Obama’s phony birth certificate and continued to belch out a stream of articles defending Obama on every front—and ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and the rest of the mainstream media followed suit.

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