NOW Slams Bill Maher for Sarah Palin Insult, Chides Media for Asking About It


The National Organization for Women finally stepped up Tuesday to slam Bill Maher for calling Sarah Palin a female vulgarism after first declining to comment on the matter.

A NOW rep told early Tuesday it was a “known fact” that NOW does not correspond with FOX News after being contacted for comment regarding Bill Maher’s statement on his HBO show Friday that Sarah Palin was a “dumb tw*t.”

NOW never did respond, but the group’s communications director, Lisa Bennett, wrote on a NOW blog later Tuesday: “Listen, supposedly progressive men (ok, and women, too): Cut the crap! Stop degrading women with whom you disagree and/or don’t like by using female body terms or other gender-associated slurs.”

She also chastised the press for bothering NOW with questions about derogatory language toward women

“You’re trying to take up our time getting us to defend your friend, Sarah Palin. If you keep us busy defending her, we have less time to defend women’s bodies from the onslaught of reproductive rights attacks and other threats to our freedom, safety, livelihood, etc,” wrote Bennett. “Sorry, but we can’t defend Palin or even Hillary Clinton from every sexist insult hurled at them in the media. That task would be impossible, and it would consume us. You know this would not be a productive way to fight for women’s equal rights, which is why you want us stuck in this morass.”



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