North Korea Sealed Its Border With China Before Announcing Kim’s Death


( – During the two days that passed between Kim Jong-il’s death and the official announcement, the North Korean regime reportedly took steps to prevent a chaotic response to the news, apparently fearing a mass exodus across the border with China.

Announcement of the death came on Monday, at noon local time, when a black-clad, tearful news announcer on state television said Kim had died on a train during a “field guidance tour” from a heart attack triggered by “great mental and physical strain.” The death had occurred, she said, at 8.30 AM on Saturday morning — 51-and-a-half hours earlier.

Daily NK, a South Korean-based news hub focusing on the North, reports that, according to a military source, North Korean border guard units received orders at 1 AM on Sunday morning to seal the border immediately.

Border patrols were doubled in size and off-duty officers were recalled and had been on emergency duty ever since, the source said.

“Thus, it is clear that the North Korean authorities took steps to avert civilian unrest and potential mass defection attempts by shutting down the border and reinforcing patrols prior to announcing Kim’s death,” Daily NK said.

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