No white flags: protect pastors, not pedophiles



Andrea Lafferty, One news now


One prominent Christian leader has recently seemingly waved the white flag of surrender in our ongoing culture war. Dr. James Dobson, a much respected leader in the pro-family movement, expressed utter despair over the total control that liberals now have in every branch of our government.

I believe that Dobson has wrongly declared that the fight against the so-called “hate crimes” bill — S. 909, the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act — is hopeless and that it is futile for Americans to weigh in against this pro-pedophile, jail-pastors legislation.

As someone who walks the halls of Congress every day and works closely with senators, representatives, and their staff, I must say that Dr. Dobson’s waving of the white flag is premature. I sat through two days of committee markup and saw the fearful reaction by the Democrats to the amendment regarding whether to include pedophiles in the protected class. Lesbian Representative Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisconsin) was visibly shaken by the repeated attempts to get her to define ”sexual orientation” and ”gender identity.” She refused.


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