No vacation for Obama from eligibility question


About half the nation was aware of the concern over the absence of public documentation of Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president a year ago, a few months ago the dispute got top billing on CNN, and just a few days ago a new poll revealed six of 10 Americans are uncertain the president was born in the U.S.

Now the dispute has been given top billing by the Associated Press, which has described itself as the world’s oldest and largest new-gathering organization and of late boasts of being the “essential” news service.

The billing came in a story today by Melissa Nelson and Jennifer Kay about plans by the president and his family for their next vacation, in the Florida Panhandle.

But, the AP notes, “conservatives in this Republican stronghold haven’t exactly rolled out the welcome mat.”

The report continues by revealing that a billboard just outside of Panama City Beach “funded by the conservative media organization says ‘Show us the birth certification.'”

Actually, the sign says “Where’s the birth certificate?”

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