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After I watched what might have been the last hope for a gasping America collapse last election eve, I knew that my worst fears for this nation had been realized: Mob rule had ultimately been established via the voting booth. A league of mindless dummies, who feed on media pablum the way cattle do at a trough, had been taken out of storage and mobilized long enough to reinstall the media’s chosen candidate. Obama floated back into office resting on a sea of false laurels, empty promises and promotion generated from amongst the highest priests of Hollywood’s most popular puppets. That and shamelessly obvious ballot rigging put the serious hurt on any opportunity for conservatism and reason to find an equal voice outside the ranks of its own.

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But what followed the next morning was even more appalling. I began to hear ‘Republicans’ actually ridiculing Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan for what they had represented. Since the two had lost, people who had just the day before been ardent supporters were now distancing themselves from the two lepers who stood to infect them politically. I was amazed at the shallowness of such fair-weather ‘team members.’ But I was even more amazed when the GOP began issuing apologies to liberal America for having so excluded the ‘valuable and noteworthy’ priorities of so many progressive thinkers who want socialized pampering, gay marriage and drive-through abortions. Incredibly, with hat in hand, the Republican Party genuflected before a pack of dogs in trying to secure some future opportunity to garner their affection (votes). It was shameful and downright weird. It was the beginning of the manifestation of the crowd of impostors we now call ‘RINOs’ (Republicans in Name Only).

But their actions had nothing to do with the real ‘Grand Old Party.’ No, it is becoming nauseatingly clear that their compromise is wholly unrelated to a regard for the welfare of our nation or any preservation of its sanity. It is entirely about a group of selfish men and women who are looking to make the world safe for themselves with job security in a climate of trendy electability. To call these people ‘politicians’ insults even the legacies of ‘Boss Tweed,’ Huey Long, Rahm Emanuel and PT Barnum. But they have done us a favor by showing us their true colors. “When a man shows you what he is, believe him.”

Of course I voted for Romney and Ryan – but, for the life of me, I could not understand how in the world we expected to win with those two AT THIS PARTICULAR TIME IN HISTORY. Make no mistake about it, I totally admire the qualities of both men and believe that their clear vision for the needs of our dying country would have been the healing elixir that we absolutely needed. Nevertheless, my most rudimentary marketing sense made me wonder why we would run the 1967 version of Batman and Robin against Obama. The ‘cool’ Barach was already expertly dialed in to the throngs of people who resented everything Romney and Ryan stood for. Given that the pundits and mentors of the left are now rocket scientists like Oprah, Snoop Dogg, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and a host of movie celebrities, rock stars and nighttime talkshow hosts, what sort of merchandise do you THINK Comedy Central or David Letterman would make of the fumbling elephant and its “two white guys in suits?” Again, I AM NOT knocking anything about the impeccable and superlative characters and savvy of Romney and Ryan. I am just left aghast at the timing of that choice. In 2012 it couldn’t work, and that SHOULD have been seen UPFRONT. As I am writing this, we still have an untapped and abundant source of very hip women, Black and Hispanic possible candidates -REAL CONSERVATIVES – who could have done the presidency blindfolded and standing on their heads while very gracefully saving our country from the deliberate ravages of a charlatan Obama. Thinking along those lines would’ve been nothing more than good stewardship in preserving the values we hold so dear.

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