No Endorsement From DeMint, But He Likes What He’s Hearing from Ron Paul


( – Although aides to Sen. Jim DeMint have endorsed Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, the South Carolina Republican has not done so himself.

In an interview with Fox & Friends on Thursday morning, the conservative DeMint said he likes much of what he’s hearing from Ron Paul: “If Republicans don’t understand the important aspects of what Ron Paul is saying, then I don’t think we’ll continue to exist as a party — certainly not as a majority party.”

DeMint said he doesn’t go along with some of Paul’s foreign policy — “but the fact is, if we don’t listen to other aspects, like getting our budget under control, we’re not going to have the money to be a foreign power.

“The debate in the Republican Party needs to be between libertarians and conservatives — that’s what our party needs to be about,” DeMint continued. “There’s no longer room for moderates and liberals, because we don’t have any money to spend.” He said he doesn’t want to be debating with someone who wants to grow government.

DeMint also praised Ron Paul’s campaign issues: “The unaccountable and out of control Federal Reverse, individual liberty, constitutional limited government — those are the concepts that Ron Paul is bringing forward, and all of our country needs to listen to that, because those are the things that made this country so great.”

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