NFL hypocrites hire the Venereal Girl


The selection of Sean Penn’s ex-wife as the star performer for the half-time show at Super Bowl XLVI is so wrong-headed that it could appear have been made by Mr. Penn himself. Madonna’s success in the music industry is exceeded only by her flagrant exhibitionism and her moral depravity.

Madonna may be the biggest selling female musical artist in history, but she also is quite possibly the worst actress in history. To call her acting wooden is an insult to cigar store Indians. She abandoned a number of husbands, including Hugo Chavez’s best pal, Mr. Penn, and abandoned the U.S. to take up citizenship first in the U.K. and then in Malawi after a spree of buying children from that African nation.

Madonna’s hyper-sexuality and tawdry image are legendary. She behaves like a living breathing advertisement for STDs. Have you had a look at the Venereal Girl lately? She is as scrawny and vascular as your typical vegan yet remains unafraid to flaunt her tired goods in the gossip rags. Please keep these photos away from small children and other living things.

Somehow the NFL saw fit to invite her to perform as their representative to the American people during their biggest event of the year. The game is being hosted in Indianapolis, I must wonder if the local team’s owner, Jim Irsay, had something to do with this. Irsay is an unrepentant hippie, owner of the original Jack Kerouac scroll manuscript for “On the Road” and keeps the locals entertained with his half-witted submissions to Twitter. He is a complete Twidiot and led the drive to prevent Rush Limbaugh from participating as an owner in the NFL via the purchase of the St. Louis Rams franchise. He is now in the process of completely destroying the Colt’s franchise with his ineptitude. The Colts are currently 0-12.

Earlier this year, the NFL was scandalized by a comment from Hank Williams, Jr. The singer had become an icon for the league with his weekly rendition of “Are you Ready for Some Football?” as the introduction to Monday Night Football games. Word got around about comments by Williams regarding Barack Obama’s golf summit with John Boehner. He opined on Fox & Friends that the majority leader had made a mistake and that:

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