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Newt Again Victorious Over Liberal Media


John King has joined Juan Williams as Newt Gingrich road kill.  They have both been taught a harsh lesson: Newt Gingrich will not play the “gotcha question” game, and he will turn such questions into smack downs of those who insist upon asking them.

In just over 2 minutes, Gingrich took King’s opening question about the charges being made by his former wife and flattened the pride of CNN to the delight of hundreds in a South Carolina auditorium and millions across the country. Newt’s smack down had us banging our fists and saying “Finally! Finally somebody is punching back!”

John King failed miserably in his attempt to destroy Newt Gingrich and put Mitt Romney, his preferred candidate, back on track. When King opened his questioning of the former Speaker with his “gotcha” question about Gingrich’s marital problems, it was King who was “gotten.”

Blinded by a perceived opportunity to make Gingrich look bad, and create the media’s new John McCain, the salivating King threw aside all pretense of honesty. Nevertheless, his headlong bayonet charge at  a man he thought he would catch as unprepared defensive and easy prey ended abruptly when he ran into a well place straight right to his jaw. As he listened to the roaring standing “O” behind him, the dazed look on King’s face was priceless.

This brief exchange perfectly underscored the chasm between the media and America.

The media don’t really share America’s values. They may have been born and live here, but for them, writing about America outside of its edges is like covering a foreign country.

King might have learned his lesson by watching Gingrich destroy Fox’s Juan Williams Tuesday night when he tried to use the media’s shopworn “Republicans are racists” card.

But, of course that isn’t possible. The media hate Republicans and think  vicious attacks on us are fair and should never end.

They will try “gotcha” questions on Gingrich again. They won’t use them on Romney because he is their new John McCain. They won’t try them on Rick Santorum or Ron Paul because they don’t want either man to drop out in an effort to save Romney.

None of this will matter. When they come again, Gingrich will be ready, and the whimpering of the next wounded media “warrior” will not be heard above the standing roar of standing ovations. Gingrich will make them road kill.

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