Newsweek Reporter David A. Graham Runs Interference for Black Panthers, Relies on Media Matters


Today’s case study in Newsweek’s shameless bias disguised as news reporting comes via David A. Graham’s article “The New Black Panther Party Is the New ACORN” published yesterday. It begins with this: “As voter intimidation exercises go, it wasn’t much.” And it gets worse from there. The real story according to Graham is how a minor case of voter intimidation was overblown by conservatives media outlets to attack the White House.

Graham links to five stories at three different sites–Hot Air, Michelle Malkin, and Red State–as proof that conservative blogs “can’t get enough.” He mentions that the incident was caught on tape but, strangely, doesn’t include the footage on the page or even recommend that his readers view it. Could it be that the sight of a man brandishing a baton in front of a polling place is a bit too incriminating for the narrative he’s trying to spin?

Then, out of nowhere, Graham compares the incident to the ACORN investigation:

So how did the incident become a replay of the ACORN scandal? There’s some resemblance between the two: an organization with unacceptable practices and a vague connection to the Obama administration (through voter registration drives in the ACORN case and Justice Department litigation in the Panther case) becomes a tool for critics of the White House to attack it as corrupt and illegitimate. But as in the ACORN case, the scandal is minimal (much of the ACORN hit has been discredited)—and the allegations against

So according to David A. Graham, ACORN and the Black Panther case are both non-scandals that became “a tool for critics of the White House.” It’s not as if I can detect any point of view here, but this is still a news magazine, right?

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