Newspapers’ birth announcements: So what?


Contrary to the claims of critics of citizens who demand Barack Obama produce evidence of his presidential eligibility, newspaper birth announcements in Hawaiian newspapers in 1961 did not necessarily indicate a baby was born in the state.

As WND reported, Glenn Beck ridiculed the so-called birther movement on his nationally syndicated radio show Monday, pointing to identical birth announcements published in the Honolulu Advertiser and the Honolulu Star-Bulletin as evidence Obama was born in Hawaii and, therefore, is a natural-born citizen as required by the Constitution.

Beck, and two colleagues, mocked “birthers” for purportedly believing a wild conspiracy in which Obama’s parents, knowing he would someday be president, “preemptively” collaborated with two separate newspapers to publish phony announcements stating he was born in Hawaii.

But the birth announcements offer no proof of citizenship, because they might reflect nothing more than information a family filed with the Hawaii Department of Health to obtain a state Certificate of Live Birth for a baby born outside Hawaii. Any parent presumably would see the benefit of securing American citizenship for their child.

Further, the information in the two newspapers would be identical not only because the papers drew from the same source but because they had an agreement to share classified advertising.

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