If This Newscaster Isn’t Careful, She Could Make The Ferguson Rioters Explode

"...amounts to a terrorizing speech obviously designed to infuriate black people."


MSNBC’s Melissa Perry is featured in a video floating around the net, documenting what could be the pinnacle of some of today’s most viciously irresponsible ‘journalism.’ The clip shows her response to the Ferguson, Missouri situation. What she did with that crisis was as incendiary as tossing a lit match in a can of gasoline – and just as beneficial (if you’re looking to burn something to the ground).

As was the case with the Trayvon Martin Circus, here is another example of an avaricious, money-hungry liberal press supplanting law and order with an emotionally charged kangaroo court. Employing the assistance of our racist president (who has in six years done his Marxist best to reignite the worst black/white racial relations we’ve seen in 50 years), and a few grandstanding ‘reverends,’ their self-appointed jury will always hold in favor of anything that generates the most attention from the uninformed. Whatever remnants were left of the foundering “legacy” of an honest and candid Edward R. Murrow have been butchered simply to sell the most airtime and keep the pot stirred for incubating future product.

If I hadn’t seen and heard the thing with my own eyes and ears, I would never have believed it: A three-minute rant, along with pictures, memorializing a group of unarmed black men who have, during the past decade, been shot and killed by WHITE police. She states that, for the past 10 years, at least two black people ‘per week’ have been killed by ‘white’ police officers.  In keying that point, she conveniently inserts that “four hundred ‘people’ a year” are reported killed by local police* – but she doesn’t bother to clarify that, according to her own statistics, 75% of those people aren’t black. She nonetheless shamelessly uses that extra ambiguous weight in building momentum for what amounts to a terrorizing speech obviously designed to INFURIATE black people.

“From 2006 to 2012, a WHITE police officer killed a black person at least twice a week in this country.”

Her ‘reporting’ here is a gross oversimplification – and she doesn’t bother to put forth the much-needed details surrounding those killings. Instead, she makes it sound as though ALL those killings are purely a manifestation of whitey’s inborn addiction to hating black people – like a nagging nicotine monkey on the backs of ALL white cops: “Damn! It’s been a whole week, and I am really jonesing to kill a black person!” Well, common sense (if Ms. Perry would allow that to breathe) would tell anyone – anyone who would pause to think about it – that there is a whole lot more involved than simply the surface story of ‘two black people killed per week.’ As usual, though, Perry is relying upon the sad fact that most of her audience (most of 21st century America) is looking to be entertained and titillated rather than informed.

But who can argue with Perry, when it comes to uniformed authority abusing its power? That’s a richly documented, regrettable fact (though not a new problem nor uniquely American), and it is way past time to address that. But that isn’t at all where she is headed with her diatribe. No. It’s obvious that Perry is quite shamelessly only using the Ferguson shooting as another opportunity to steel black people against white people – pure and simple. Because people are like pendulums: when they are not moving, nothing is working. Rest and peace are the bane of liberal media. When people aren’t angry, they don’t fight. Where there isn’t a fight, there is no news. And, in the absence of news, those who are given the trust to ‘report’ it lose money.

She finishes up the piece by repeatedly quoting the infamous words of a bigoted Chief Justice, Roger Taney, who has been dead for 150 years. In writing the majority decision for the Dred Scott Case, he said that black people didn’t qualify as Americans (people) and therefore could not sue Americans (people) in court. Taney was a big fan of slavery and a numbskull. It was the outrage generated from that decision that helped elect the Republican who went on to free the slaves. Those damned Republicans, though – eh, Melissa?!

She leaves this video with Taney’s stupid, inflammatory words droning over and over – as though those words have ANYTHING to do with sustaining the SIN of racial hatred which has divided ALL colors since the beginning of this fallen world.

There is a bunch more that could and should be said in exposing the cheap tricks of what appears to be a troublemaker posing as a ‘journalist.’ Anyone who would use such an artfully arranged presentation of drama and non-sequiturs to incite a mob to riot is every bit the coward of any of those rioters (who can only find their ‘bravery’ in the anonymity of a crowd). But, I mean, she’s in good company: Our president and his fellows have been faithfully playing the race card ever since he began ruining the history-yet-to-be-written regarding the performance of this country’s first black leader. SO MUCH GOOD COULD HAVE BEEN ACCOMPLISHED toward the interracial PEACE in this nation, by a black president and a powerful press COMMITTED to effecting that – but neither are present.

Ms. Perry, should a SINGLE injury or death result from the mangled ‘logic’ you have pawned off in commentaries such as these, I pray that the Lord who judges all of us will forever remind you of your deliberately catalytic role in bringing that about.

*The ‘400 police-committed killings per year’ is an unreliable figure based upon a voluntary reporting system with the FBI. She does not mention that these were documented justifiable homicides. Ms. Perry further neglected to mention the nearly 100 police who were killed during the last completed annual reporting period, as well as the  52,901 line-of-duty assaults upon police during that same period. I suppose Ms. Perry doesn’t wish to confuse her audience with bothersome facts.

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