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One of the cornerstones of our Republic is a “free press” that is able to publish the truth on any given public figure, endeavor or initiative.  In our nation, we have the 1st Amendment to the Constitution that guarantees this absolute right.

When the press becomes the organ and mouthpiece of governmental leaders, the citizens then are subjected to all manner of abuse.  Pravda and Izvestia in the old Soviet Union were known to be anything but news and truth, which is what their names implied; Pravda means “truth” with Izvestia meaning “news.”   These publications were authorized by the “State”, more specifically the Politburo, the ruling committee in the Soviet Union.  They presented the information that the government wanted published and nothing more.

What is happening in our nation is much more insidious as the truth of the government-controlled press was an openly known secret in the Soviet Union by the old and stale joke “you could not find any truth in Pravda or any news in Izvestia.”   While everyone knew in the Soviet Union, many in our nation do not even have a clue as they receive their information from the established news services and believe what they see, hear, and read.

What do we call a supposedly “free press” that is indoctrinated by a political ideology that self-censors the news for the current administration, the Democrats, and liberals in general?

It used to be true that journalists were trained in the ethics of their profession to seek “truth” as a noble calling onto itself, no matter where it may lead as the ideals of their profession demand that they report honestly to our nation; and many believe they will do just that!

However, that no longer happens anymore.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio held another news conference on Tuesday about further evidence in the continuing story of the fraudulent birth certificate the president posted on the White House website last April.  After the presentation of evidence, the only intelligent question came from Mr. Tom Ballantyne, who identified himself as a “citizen journalist” who was germane to the issue. The rest of the questions were personal attacks against Mike Zullo and Sheriff Arpaio, like:

there never was a conspiracy theory you didn’t like


how can you claim to be honest when you profit from the sale of the first news conference with your e-book

How can these journalists even claim that they are impartial guardians of the truth when they discredit themselves with such partisan, demeaning, and contemptible questions?  There was not one pointed question regarding the “facts” that were presented during the news conference from the established press. In this light, it is interesting to see how the news media and supporters of Obama have portrayed this in general with an ever-increasing frequency of doubletalk, misdirection, personal slurs, and propaganda.

Case in point: I am sure there is going to be an entertaining rebuttal prepared by Kevin Davidson, the author of Obama Conspiracies.  He will be channeling the long-defunct and dead spirit of Perry Mason (a 1960’s television show character) for his audience of willing Obama supporters to prosecute Mike Zullo for his insistence that Obama has perpetrated a fraud on this nation!  He intends to write a series of articles that will imagine that Mike Zullo is cross-examined in a court of law by Perry, with Mr. Zullo being treated as a hostile witness.

Everyone needs to draw his or her own conclusions in this case.  The question everyone seem to neglect is that this is over a “politician.” Most politicians have always been known to be less than honest and devoid of credible morals and values, and most have a less than sterling character.

So why is Obama held to be this morally superior “being” by the press and his supporters?

We only see this type of canonization in dictatorships with tyranny being the result of their despotic rule; history is replete with examples.

While Mr. Davidson is not a serious journalist, he certainly typifies the average supporter and typical journalist when it comes to all things Obama.  Obama’s supporters will twist any evidence, coincidence, and fact into a club to beat anyone with who does not believe the “party line” that Obama is the most sainted leader to ever grace the White House.

Any complaints about his performance (or as I like to call them “scandals”) are being driven by racially or ideologically motivated factors, so they are dismissed out of hand.

Some of more entertaining stories from around the NET are as follows:

“Joe Arpaio’s Scooby Doo Gang Nails Obama on Damning Phone Interview With 95-year-old Woman and Zero Evidence”

 “MCSO birther posse: Our evidence is ironclad”

 “Sheriff Joe’s Birther Squad Concludes Obama’s Birth Certificate Is A ‘Forgery And Fraud’

The more serious journalists reported a tamer but nonetheless slanted and dismissive perspective:

“Arpaio again doubts Obama birth document”

“Obama eligibility reveals ‘national security threat’”

This one is truly in a class all its own and should be given some special award by the National Press Club for such a well-done job from CBS news.

  “Arpaio: Obama birth record definitely forged”

 “Arpaio said his investigation has also found evidence tat Obama’s Selective Service registration form was fraudulent, KPHO reports.”

(note: they used other stories in the articles body to discredit the investigation and the Sheriff and could not even be professional enough to keep misspelled words out of the story- the underline is my emphasis)


The story as of today 7/19/2012 has been edited with the misspelled “tat” being corrected, cut and paste above is from the same article yesterday.  They also did not note that the story has been edited after publication.

This is what is being presented as serious reporting by the news media; if anything, it is softball presentation of the facts with absolutely no follow-up by what is fast becoming a “fawning press corp.”

Without re-iterating the news conference, there was an overwhelming presentation of “facts” that a crime has been committed, and that it directly benefits our president.  With all the other scandals that have rocked this administration and are almost too numerous to name; here is a partial list:

  • Obama campaign contributors receiving sweetheart government loans
  • creation of a hit list of citizens who contributed to Mitt Romney
  • summary execution of citizens
  • Fast & Furious
  • illegally appointing administration officials without Senate confirmation
  • law by executive order and regulatory edict
  • complete shrouding of Obama’s past
  • creation of his own Kenyan birth story
  • leaking national security information
  • extending executive privilege to Eric Holder and the Justice Department
  • changing immigration law by caveat

It is ironic to think that we had two presidents face impeachment for lesser crimes in my lifetime: Richard Nixon for a harmless break-in caused by his own insecurity against the DNC, and Bill Clinton (all because it hung on what your definition of “is” is.)

These were kindergarten stunts compared to what we are facing, and the media cannot be bothered to even report, investigate, or demand that a full airing of the facts be forthcoming.  To show how far we have fallen is a recent article penned by a retired U.S Army Reserve Officer and published in Pravda; it should have been front page news in our nations’ newspapers and news broadcasts. Not from a foreign source with such an abysmal history of censorship and oppression against their own people.

We have a serious problem in this nation, and until we can come to grip with our institutions being complicit with the dismantling of our Republic and the creation of a fascist state by a dictatorial leader, we will be doomed to live out this inevitable clash with forces that wish for the destruction of our way of life.

Obama and his supporters are winning.

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