New York Times Staffers in Open Revolt Against Management


The New York Times, which has been in financial turmoil for years, is now facing an open revolt from staffers who are unhappy with the newspaper’s current management.

Employees who have weathered layoffs and salary cuts over the last few years received another jolt last week when the paper announced that it was freezing pension benefits for foreign citizen employees in overseas bureaus, and that it wanted to do the same for other employees at the paper as well.

This announcement, coming on the heels of the revelation that the soon to be departing CEO Janet L. Robinson will be collecting her $10.9 million pension benefits early, angered the New York Newspaper Guild which is in negotiations with management on a new contract.

The Guild has issued an Open Letter to publisher Arthur O. Sulzberger. Jr,, and as of this morning contains the signatures of 358 current and former Times staffers, up from 270 two days ago.

Bill O’Meara, president of the New York Newspaper Guild, which is behind the letter, told the Huffington Post that some staffers wanted to storm Sulzberger’s office, while others wanted to stage a walkout.

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