New Video Proof of Media Lies About UC Davis Protests


UC Davis Republicans have released a new video showing what actually transpired on the campus before some protesters were pepper-sprayed. The almost nine-minute video shows that the UC Davis campus police were encircled by the demonstrators, who tell the police to free some of their arrested comrades. “If you let them go,” the protesters say, “we will let you leave.” Later, the protesters can be heard chanting, “F— the police.”

The national media have made it appear that the police attacked demonstrators peacefully protesting on a sidewalk for no good reason at all. NBC anchor Brian Williams called them “kids” and suggested that parents in the audience should be outraged over their treatment.

Meanwhile, campus police are finally beginning to speak out. UC Berkeley police, who responded to threatening protesters on that campus with batons, said that officers were injured by chairs and bricks thrown by demonstrators.

In the UC Davis incident, after warning protesters on the sidewalk to leave and showing them canisters of pepper spray, the police saturate them with a heavy mist of the substance, which is used to make them easier to move. The video also shows the sidewalk demonstrators preparing and expecting to get sprayed, even covering up their faces to protect themselves.

The use of the pepper spray has been depicted by various media outlets as completely unprovoked. In fact, this new video shows that it was a virtual last resort by the police to restore law and order on campus. The use of batons on the demonstrators had been ruled out by the campus police chief. Batons were used, however, during a previous confrontation with protesters on the UC Berkeley campus.

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