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New survey of Florida’s Millennials shows the “Obama thrill” is gone


A just-released survey conducted for Generation Opportunity (G.O) among Florida’s Millennials (the term for 18-to-29 year olds) says they are very dissatisfied with the economy given to them by governmental policies over the past four years.  While 71% say they will be voting in November, just 34% think today’s political leaders represent their interests.

The G.O. survey was done by inc./WomanTrend (i/WT), which interviewed 524 young Floridians randomly chosen from online opt-in respondents invited to make themselves heard via a secure link to a questionnaire they were sent. Quotas were established to insure proper representation of all racial regional and gender groups, and i/WT claims a 4.4 +/- margin of error.

Eighty nine percent (89%) of Florida’s millennials say the state of the economy has altered their everyday life for the worse.

More than a third of the respondents (34%) said (keep in mind these are young people speaking) they had to reduce their entertainment budget, giving gifts to family and friends, their food budget, vacations, and personal driving – forcing use of public transit.

Thirty-five percent (35%) said they had to try to find an additional job. Others reported having to move in with family, take in roommates, and/or downgrade their living accommodations.

At least twenty percent (20%) of the respondents said the economy has caused them to postpone major parts of their lives. They mentioned being unable to buy a home, start a family, save for retirement, continue or extend their education or vocational training, move to another city, and (perhaps saddest of all) get married.

Other opinions expressed by respondents worth noting are:

64% of Florida’s young people rate the availability of genuine and fulfilling jobs as more important than lower student loan costs, and 74% said the lack of jobs is killing the middle class.

The survey didn’t ask respondents how they planned to vote in November, but no group that holds sentiments like these can still be relied upon to vote for another four years of the same conditions they seriously don’t like.

It is any wonder that Barack Obama’s support among young voters has gone from  66/32 in 2008 to 48/38 today?

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