Just as we predicted. This campaign is already getting nasty. In a vicious ad Barack Obama’s campaign begins the targeting of Bain Capital style capitalism calling Mitt Romney a Vampire.

This ad is so shameless even Obama Auto Czar Steve Rattner says it goes too far.

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USA Today reported about the Obama ad:

President Obama’s campaign is out with a two-minute TV ad and a six-minute web video blasting Mitt Romney’s career at Bain Capital.

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The broadside will air in five key swing states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Iowa and Colorado.

The ad tells the Obama campaign’s version of events at GST Steel, a shuttered Kansas City plant that Bain Capital took over before it went into bankruptcy. The closing cost hundreds their jobs and jeopardized their pensions, according to Obama for America.

The story, Obama’s campaign says, exemplifies Romney’s business philosophy “and what it would mean for the American economy.” Viewers who want to know more can go to RomneyEconomics.com, a new Obama campaign web site that examines other Bain case studies…