New Film Argues That Blacks Are Enslaved By Left


Around 200 people gathered in a D.C. theater last night to watch the Washington premiere of Runaway Slave, a documentary by African-American Tea Party activist Rev. C. L. Bryant that encourages the black community to rethink its 95 percent voting rate for the Democratic Party.

Drawing on the history and language of slavery, the film argues that the Democratic Party and the welfare state are the new version of the slave-holding plantation, keeping black people mentally enslaved.

In the opening of the documentary, Bryant visits dueling Washington, D.C., rallies. At the Lincoln Memorial, Glenn Beck leads the “Restoring Honor” rally while the Rev. Al Sharpton leads the “Reclaim the Dream” rally in an African-American section of the city.

“Why aren’t these Americans with the others?” Bryant asks. “Why are we divided along racial lines?”

He then sets out to talk to black conservative leaders and everyday African-Americans on the street. He interviews high-profile black conservatives such as Hoover Institute scholar Thomas Sowell, onetime presidential candidate Herman Cain, U.S. Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) and pundit Star Parker.

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